My Games
You can find games I designed and animated for XdebugX Games on the good play store here. Games I've worked on art FuzzBalls, Doge Sledding, Dagazehwaz (space breakout), Otto's ToyChest, Global Graffiti Wall, My Stop, talking TRex, and Crossword Puzzle.

In 2015 I started my own solo development company called Chicky Wicky LLC with one release Tether 3D on the google play store. I'm working on more games in my spare time and will be focusing exlusively on Steam and mac and pc only releases going in to 2017 and beyond.

My Applications
In my adventures in XNA and C# I learned just enough visual studio to be dangerous. These are apps I've created to help myself in creating games in the past few years. You can use these if you want to but I don't support them. If you want the source code just email me.

Sprite Map Unpacker
Sprite map unpacker is a small utility I made that will unpack a single sprite sheet and chop it into individual files. It works with PNG files only and will automatically name the files in sequence. It's a freeware app, it's unsigned, requires .NET 3.5 to work.

Download - Sprite Map Unpacker

Sprite Map Viewer
This is another utility that will take a sprite map and will play it back at whatever FPS you want, you can also change the background color to see how the sprite will be viewed against different background. It's not created for large sprites but it does the job. Requires .NET 3.5 to work.

Download - Sprite Map Viewer

SubTitle Array Generator
This utility will open a wav file and play it back. It keeps track of seconds and frames per second. You pause the track, write out the subtitles for that particular part of the audio clip, then at the end it exports out one large array as a text file with either the corresponding frame or number of seconds in to the clip that particular line of text should show up in the subtitle. The exported array can then be imported in to your game so you don't have to write out all of the lines and sync them up to the audio clip manually. Requires .NET 3.5 to work.

Download - Sub Title Editor


Creative Commons License
These applications are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Use at your own risk :P