Welcome to Binxalot.com the personal home page of Christopher Binder, a Philadephia based artist, animator, web developer, & undergraduate instructor @ La Salle University.

Below is a list of things I've done recently. Email is the best way to contact me binxalot@binxalot.com

2019-2022 Back to Basics
Hand Made Art

I've been concentrating on my watercolor paintings and creating crafts and other traditional art. I really needed a break from all digital all the time.

During the pandemic I've been spending more time with my family, more time working on projects that viewers can't scroll past on their phones.

Some projects that I've completed over the past 4 years. Multiple watercolor paintings showcased in a dozen art exhibitions. A complete pinball machine retheme, including custom hardware and 3d printed parts, a series of fishing lures which I have a small sampling of on etsy, but mostly showcase at art festivals throughout the philadelphia area, and a seemlingly endless number of drawing and painting commisions keeping me busy.

G.A.G.S. Ginger, Ale, Golden & Sakura
Animated Short
by Chickywicky LLC
Fall 2018
This year I've been working on a youtube video series using Character Animator & After Effects. Character Animator has been a godsend in creating the lip syncing for the characters. After Effect is still the best option for creating the scenes. The entire process of creating the animation took about 4 months of part time work, that was after 2 months to create the characters in photoshop and then build them in Character animator. Now that the characters are created it'll be easier to knock out new episodes. Each episode requires a script, audio scratch track, lip syncing, animations, music & sound effects, editing, and then publishing, so it takes a hot minute to do all of the above on my free time.
Super Craps
Mobile Game
by Chickywicky LLC
Spring 2018
A casino craps game I created for fun because I was tired of playing other games where were clearly rigged to throw too many 7's to just show ads. This game is coded with 3d virtual dice which get "rolled" using physics simulation instead of classic RNG so the results are true to life, especially since you can set the dice in my game like most people do when they're at a casino.
Soup Du Jour
Animated Short
Chris Binder
Youtube / Vimeo
Winter 2018
Quick Animation that I created for the Advanced Animation class I taught at La Salle University. Created using Character Animator and After Effects, its a quick 30 second short.
My Dearest Lily
Animated Short
Chris Binder
Youtube / Vimeo
Fall / Winter of 2017
Quick animated short using after effects for the creating multimedia class I taught at La Salle University in Fall of 2017. This was the 2 characters one scene assignment, this was the demo I created for the class to show off what is possible with the lessons taught in class throughout the year using stock after effects.
Gingle Ale & Golden
3D Animated Short
Chris Binder
Youtube / Vimeo
Spring 2017
Played around with the process of modeling and animating in blender, using character animator and a custom coded tool to do the lip sync, and finally Unity 3D to render the end result to create a 3D animated series aimed at kids. The process is a little too involed because creating the 3d scenes required too much time lip syncing the characters, even with my lip sync tool to help reducde that time. The end result is good and I like using Unity as a render engine but it was very time consuming and Unity keeps evolving. I may come back to this idea in the future. I made 2 total episodes.
Year Off
Year of 2016
In 2016 I moved to a new home and took time off developing games and animations to concentrate on getting the new place up to our liking. I created a new company called Chicky Wicky LLC to use for publishing games and animations. I worked on a number of game concepts and ideas, worked on various prototypes but didn't release any games or animations. I made some info graphics and wrote a couple posts on medium.com to highlight the scale of the over-saturation of the app stores.

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