Welcome to Binxalot.com the personal home page of Christopher Binder, a Philadephia based artist, animator, web developer, & undergraduate instructor @ La Salle University.

Below is a list of things I've done or am working on. Email is the best way to contact me binxalot@binxalot.com

2022 SHOP
Hand Made Art

I have a small Etsy shop where I post various arts and craft items for sale. Right now I have a series of trolling fishing lures for sale, which I hand made from balsa wood.

I also sell a variety of hand painted watercolor paintings and other random things created by the Binder family.

Super Craps
Mobile Game
by Chickywicky LLC
Spring 2018
A casino craps game I created for fun because I was tired of playing other games where were clearly rigged to throw too many 7's to just show ads. This game is coded with 3d virtual dice which get "rolled" using physics simulation instead of classic RNG so the results are true to life, especially since you can set the dice in my game like most people do when they're at a casino.
Previous Works
Past Works
All of my previous animations created over the years are on my YouTube page.

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